The Money Fever

Nowadays the survival skills differ from yesterday. Among today’s needed skills is networking skills. So in the spirit of networking, I decided to use the help of the social media different platforms. I started with Facebook (I put it on hold for the last seven years), and started looking to join groups for women entrepreneurs, or for coaching. I wanted to help other women, and add my two cents, as much as my time allows. Also, I thought I can have a discussion with like minded women about vital business issues. But what I found shocked me. These ladies (or gents) who name themselves “entrepreneurs” know nothing about business , marketing, planning, or niche. In addition, they do not have ideas to transfer to business. They don’t know what to work with. All they ask is: any ideas to make money online? Any ideas to start a business? If you don’t have the idea, if you don’t have a solution for a problem, if you don’t don’t know any gaps to bridge, then why you call yourself : an entrepreneur?

What I found is that people want to make quick money without even getting thier brain to work.

All this could be fine. But the big problem is that they either believe they know and don’t want to invest in themselves and get educated, or they just jump into the arms of any online business courses (expensive though), without even checking the educational or business background, then they claim: education is nonsense.

Is it the money fever? Or is it the social media effects? What do you think?

2 Replies to “The Money Fever”

  1. I think it is a little bit of both. Everything is fast & easy today. You want food fast: we have tones of fast food restaurants, you want a dress? Amazon will get you want in 24 hours!… No wonder we also want answers fast: you need an answer from someone you get impatient if you don’t get a text back in the next 5 minutes, … You look up people on Instagram everyone looks perfect & rich in front of the Ocean in their villa! We are bombarded on facebook, instagram, youtube, with easy ways to make cash fast “available for everyone!” We use to have to wait to get education or an answer or a meal! Now everything is so easily available people think it’s magic! So yes, it is money fever with a mix of social media effect! It’s true it might be sometimes a little easier to make money than it used to, but it still does require a little bit of work & sometimes a lot of work!

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