How High should I Aim?

With the information explosion era we are living in (thanks to the technology revolution and explosion), we have a lot of information coming in. Sometimes this information could be confusing. We might receive completely different messages for the same topic that confuse us easily.

One of the up-lifting, self-development, & Business-advice strong message is to aim high in order to accomplish something valuable and reach your dreams. Dream big, touch the sky, the sky has no limit, you can be anyone and do anything you want…and so forth..All these motivational words and messages have been all over the social media and people repost them again and again (including me).

Till the people of: life-balance, find-your-happiness, live-happily, started to send completely different messages: lower your expectation bar, don’t expect\n anything from anybody, live with minimalism, life is not about money. money can’t buy you happiness…and so forth..

Seriously? please make up your mind.

  • Raise my standard bar or lower it?
  • Aim High or low?
  • Accept my situation or grow?
  • live with minimalism, or enjoy shopping and live big?
  • should I run after money, or forget it?

But before we got into this storm, we should always ask ourselves, who is the author, who is writing these words, what is the background of this person that he could give me any advice about how living my life and how to determine my dreams.

In the overload information era we forget to ask who is the author, is this person really qualify and has the education and the experience to give me advice? since the technology allows everyone to post anything, just for the sake of money and being famous.

20150627_183349 motivation inspiration Dr.roukana

This picture is taken by me, so please ask for a permission if you want to use it

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