Is Money Evil?

I was living a lie.

All these years, all my choices in life, all the paths I took….rooted in a lie. Am I regretting my choices? not a bit. Am I regretting my path? not a bit

But I do regret something else. I regret that: I did not work harder, I did not take care of myself, I did not love myself enough, I did not take more risks, I did not open my eyes and mind and heart wider and deeper. I regret that I took the safest and easier path, I regret to let the past hunts me.

Although I knew I could achieve anything, I could do anything I wanted, I could be anyone I liked, but that was not enough.

Although I worked hard and swam against the current, and overcame all the circumstances to reach my goals, that was not enough. I was limited by certain ideas.

I grew up believing that money is evil. Rich people are bad, greedy, evil, no heart, no education, shallow people, selfish, showing off, buy happiness. For them, everything has a price (But you can’t buy love). Seriously? when I grow older and older, I found yes you can buy love (I will talk about this in a different post).

What I am discovering is that:

I can’t help others if I am broke. In order to make money, you need to read every day, exercise, be discipline, love yourself, appreciate your time and now and respect others’. You need to be healthy, eating well and balanced healthy food, take care of your mind, your family, friends, and customers. You need to watch your moral. you need to develop your skills daily, have courage, have a vision, and work hard.

See …I was living a lie.

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