Hi, I’m Roukana, and I am passionate about helping professionals (in academia and industry) to thrive through guiding them to acquire and update the needed skills to thrive.

Here , I share with you my thoughts, reflections and opinion .

What It Takes to Thrive, As a Company? Part 1

The definition of a business is: an organization that provides products that people need (or like) to make a profit. According to the previous definition, it is the PROFIT, that is the main goal of a business. But nowadays making a profit, as the main goal of a business, is not enough to thrive. Nowadays…

What is the StartUp Business?

Startup Business is the young companies that are starting to offer needed products or services to meet the demands of the customers. Usually these startup businesses are started by the owner who financed it personally or from family and friends’ savings. Almost half of the startup business would struggle badly during the first two years…

The Future is Here

Are you excited about the new technology that will rule out your life? The attached video shows how the world will look like. Let me know if you will run to buy such glasses or if you already bought a land in the metaverse world. The big companies already purchased the land and started building…


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