Hi, I’m Roukana, and I am passionate about helping professionals (in academia and industry) to thrive through guiding them to acquire and update the needed skills to thrive.

Here , I share with you my thoughts, reflections and opinion .

Article: Memory Decline Isn’t Inevitable. Here’s What You Can Do.

Do you feel that you start forgetting some stuff? Your memory is not as strong as before? Well, this attached article highlights the main issues that are related to the memory decline, such as illness (like depression). On the other hand, the author stresses the important of the lifestyle in strength the memory such as …

Article Attached: Influencer mocked for posing in business class: ‘You definitely don’t have a life like that’

“Faking it till you have it” doesn’t really help in social media, especially today when audiences are more educated and more aware of the tricks that some influencers do. The attached report reflects how being honest is the best way to gain followers in social media. And honesty is what I always call for when …

Jobs.. Jobs. What is the Problem, Nowadays?

This video is released by World Economic Forum. It highlights the problems of jobs today, and offers some solutions. I always believed that new circumstances need new skills, new plans and new careful examination. Are you looking for a job? Or are you looking for employees?


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