Skill Up & Thrive

Dr. Roukana Sanjakdar is a VP of: R&SA Information and Engineering Management Consultancy Inc. , passionate to help you achieve your goals.

  • Help you bridge the gap between where you are now and where you want to be.
  • Help you to achieve your goals and desired lifestyle you deserve and seek, by helping you to acquire and master the needed skills to thrive.
  • Create a costume plan for you to meet your needs and achieve your goals and to help you arrive your destination in an easy, motivating and interesting way.

Skill Up & Thrive

Dr. Rou’s Crucial Competences to thrive

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Everyone wants to sell you something promising fortune, but no one teaches you how to grab and master the needed skills to thrive. I can help to acquire these skills that stay with you and you can use them to:

  • make your fortune
  • make better decisions
  • solve problems faster and easier
  • survive today’s world
  • be a great citizen in today’s society
  • be an influence in your communities
  • be a leader
  • be in the front line always and never behind
  • be successful in your personal life
  • have better relationships with your family and friends
  • live better life
  • solve your daily life problems with ease
  • get more accurate results
  • not to miss any important information

Who can use our services:

  • start up business
  • Individuals in Management and Leadership positions.
  • organizations


Our Sleep and Productivity Skill Up & Thrive

According to this study that report the results of extra half an hour sleep, we need more nap times during the day to boost our productivity and cognitive skills.
  1. Our Sleep and Productivity
  2. Dress Your Brain

It is my appreciation give back.

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Please enjoy two free consulting/coaching sessions, each one is half an hour. Only 2 new clients every month can be served starting November 2019. To register, please email your name, work, and email address.

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