Do Engineers Need Communication Skills?

Do Engineers Need Communication Skills?

Communication skills are one of the most important skills to survive in today’s world. It could be a verbal or written communication skills, especially for professionals who are concerned about solving our life problems.

For example the faculty members including engineering professors and chair department (my PhD research, Concordia University) stressed the importance of the communication skills for engineering students such as writing clear reports, understanding client’s need, and master the verbal communication.

As an example of the communication skills : in 2003 everyone gathered after long tiring days and nights of continuous work, to celebrate the fruits of their hard work and send the air craft to the space…. However the mission failed, only because of the poor communication during releasing the air craft. This was the Colombia.

That is why one major step in my comentment to my clients is to evaluate carefully their communication skills and guide them to acquire and update any needed skills.

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Key Words 4 Effective E-mail.

How many times do you send emails daily? How many times do you receive marketing emails weekly? And how fast do you delete such emails without considering the content?

Here are some keys so your words would be effective and your emails will be read.

I “think” I can guide you to the right direction. I “believe” my ways are the best. However, I “need” only “5 minutes” to show you how to grab the technique.

Seriously? Did you trust that I do have a great product for you? Even if it looks that I do lack the confidence (using the words “think”)?, or the solid base of my message (using the word “believe”)? Didn’t you feel that I am weak and depend on you since I used the word “need”? And what about this “5 minutes”? Right away you know that I am going to sell you something that you might not want. Instead of explaining how to benefit from the product. Explain How such product will change life for better. How to need the product to be happier, & solve all problems.

Show me numbers, evidences, show me how you do believe in your product and how it will solve my problems. Show me confidence without being urgent. Show me that you do care about me.

Now.. How would you rephrase the above message?

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Is This A Fair Competition?

Story time…

I’ve never been crazy about the turtle and rabbit story. I never liked it, but as a kid, I never had the courage to yell: what kind of story is this? Always there was something wrong, and not right about the characters and I never understood why they have to be they way they are.

First of all, the competition itself is not fair, and why they chose the turtle (knowing it is extremely slaw) and the rabbit that is know for its super speed? Noting that the coipition itself is pointless, what kind of race is that?

Second of all, why this stupid rabbit stops when he sees the final line? It takes him only a few steps to finish and then he can sleeps as much as he wants. Till now I don’t understand why…overconfidence? if so then let’s finish it all and afterwords rest.

Third, the rabbit naps. Really? he naps that much till he misses the whole race? And what about teaching us (the kids) about preparing for exam? To sleep before exam? Oh wait. Is the story to teach us to prepare well? I am not sure what is the lesson behind it any more. All I remember is that the slaw turtle wins because it continues walking and the stupid rabbit losts because he refuses to reach the final line and preferred to sleep thinking he will wake up to finish.

why there is no third character that is fast enough (does not have to be super fast) but also continues in the race till it finishes and wins? or someone else to help the turtle with some skills, or tools?