ALA confernece in Chicago (ACRL)

I am preparing my self to attend the ALA annual conference in Chicago (9-15 July). My main interest is the Information literacy topic. There are few activities in this conference that represents the information literacy and instruction. i will try to update the readers about the conference and about my experience there.

Am I prepared? well, I am reading a few articles and recent books about the information literacy. I will post the titles sooner. On the other hand, I registered on line for the conference, which makes it much easier. BTW, the ALA free call line was a great help, and people there can guide you smoothly in case you have any kind of problem regarding membership, or conference registration. The on-line registration was not difficult to follow though at some pages I did not understand if the activities posted there are for extra charge. to conclude, the experience was not bad but differently a lot of improvement could be done to the web site. May be I was looking at the site with the critical eye, since my mater thesis was about interface design, and usability.

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