PhD concern

Today I was searching for help on the net (as usual) for advices to help me finish my PhD. I came across a panel discussion set by a UK university giving tips to PhD students on writing and finishing the painful process. all can be said in few words: read 3 journal articles per week, read 2-3 books each month and write 200 words every day. they also highlight the importance of giving some time to think (reflective thinking), which i believe is an important element in the procedure. does writing Blogs count? i think it does if one’s blog is an academic one and the place to write down own ideas and research notes..why not?

on the other hand, I had this idea when i was writing the previous lines. easily i could cope and past the link to that web site that included the information insted of writing it. that means no writing for me. so the question here if the net encourages for less writing? i have read an article (online)while ago (mentioned by my supervisor actually) raising the question: does the internet makes us different reader (or less)? the author has a point, he argued that he used to read all these long book like ear and piece, nowadays he has no patinets for that. he reserves his time to surfe the net, quick reading, scanning..and so forth. between emails, facebook, wikipeidia and recently the twitter i believe we are not only communicate differently but also we seek information differently and try to bridge the information gap in a very different approach.
is it the inforamtion revolution? the technology booming? or the differnet expectation? i believe all the above plus some other issues i might find later.

now…are these words count for 200? did i do it? i know it is not a pure academic writing, but still it is some serious writing trying to tickle some ideas, right? plus i know i need to practice writing since English is not my first toungue.

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