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As i included in my research proposal and SPF that i will write about my phd research on this blog…so please bare with me ..i will write about information literacy skills in general, information literacy skills in engineering, the research steps I am doing, try to report part of the data while I am writing my dissertation, and at the end, i will try to report about the main findings of my research….

you can always write to me with a question or a comment or even suggestions…actually ur suggestions and comments are highly appreciated….

hope it will be fun and a lot of good information to share…

does internet create democratic societies? information literacy skills are the tools

does the internet helps in creating democratic societies?

this question should be on the top of every government’s agenda, especially those who depends on fire and iron to rule their people.
before saying anything regarding this matter, it would be good to mention that the first thing governments in the “revolutionalry” arabian countries do is to disable the internet connection. is not this enough to show how internet plays (if not the tool) a big role in spreading democracy? the following are some example.
the internet turns the individual into a researcher, research for the information; into a journalist, to report the inside events where professional journalism cannot gives the individual chance to evaluate the presented information, and then make a decision. the internet was (and is) the main communicating tool in the revolutionnary countries, where ordinary people have the chance to communicate, plan, and report their steps.

these are some examples what the internet did to promote democracy in the new societies, but above all there are certain skills that come with this package. it is the information literacy skills that are knows as the essential skills for the democratic societies. these skills are needed for the individual to be able to recognize the need for information to solve a problem or to make a decision, then be able to locate these information and access them, evaluate and restore then recall them, and finally use them to create a new knowledge, to solve a problem or to make a decision then communicate these information with others. each step is as important as the whole procedures to create democratic societies.

ALA confernece in Chicago (ACRL)

I am preparing my self to attend the ALA annual conference in Chicago (9-15 July). My main interest is the Information literacy topic. There are few activities in this conference that represents the information literacy and instruction. i will try to update the readers about the conference and about my experience there.

Am I prepared? well, I am reading a few articles and recent books about the information literacy. I will post the titles sooner. On the other hand, I registered on line for the conference, which makes it much easier. BTW, the ALA free call line was a great help, and people there can guide you smoothly in case you have any kind of problem regarding membership, or conference registration. The on-line registration was not difficult to follow though at some pages I did not understand if the activities posted there are for extra charge. to conclude, the experience was not bad but differently a lot of improvement could be done to the web site. May be I was looking at the site with the critical eye, since my mater thesis was about interface design, and usability.