Hey Teachers..E-learning?

Every country and every educational system carefully prepared teachers to shape the next generation.

In Canada, especially in #Quebec (that I am more familiar with), we take pride in preparing our teachers to lead our future. Our prime minister, Mr. Justin Trudeau, is a teacher himself, a proud one. He practiced teaching in Montreal before he moved to Ottawa and takes care of our present and future. BTW, I have heard how his students adored him.

Going back to our teachers, and I can reflect from my studying and training years in the education department while working on my master and PhD degrees. I witnessed the continuous training workshops we used to run on regular basis. I also worked on the latest researches regarding the latest learning theories and its implications… What I want to say is that our teachers are very qualified, But in the #classrooms.

Now with the online teaching where all the activities would run remotely, we are overloading the teachers with stress, longer hours,and may be a confusion. This is a new era, and it does need a new paradigm, new skills, a new curriculum, and a new attitude. We need to help and support our teachers by providing them ASAP (before starting a new studying year) with the needed skills so they can carry on smoothly, effectively and efficiently shaping our future generation.

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