Does AC (After Corona) Require New Lifestyle?

I’m done…

I’m done and got more than enough with all those who are going live online.

Dear people, this is not a toy, the technology is not to pass time, our time is sooo precious to us ( maybe your time is not for you) to spend it listening to trash talk claiming that it contains value. On the top of it, bad skills is shown either for communicating, talking, presenting or just putting the topic to gather, in addition to the poor quality of the presentation itself, either for the ankle of the picture, or the voice or the clarity of the picture itself. And off course the same goes to the different types of social media including #podcasts…and when you approach them with a sincere advice that they need training they turn their chains claiming they know it all.

I believe AC (After Corona) period should present different options for social media: different scale of evaluation where likes and followers numbers should not be the key. Also other topics might come in demand, more developed skills are required to be successful. But in general life, definitely somethings would changed to fit our new objectives, goals and lifestyles. Don’t you agree? Don’t you think that there are some things that require changing in your life after AC?

Every person is talking about going back to the normality. But don’t you think this is a great chance to choose your own lifestyle according to your own terms? Don’t you think that this is the perfect time to choose your own normality? To choose your own life?

What I realize that I want to help people more, I want to help them to make their lives easier, happier and more productive in more effective and efficient ways. Because NOW I am sure that I can make their lives easier. I always wanted to help people, but I was not sure how my skills would be needed. Corona virus shows me how people are lacking the main skills to, literally, survive.

What is your new plans for AC?

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