Life During Corona Virus

Can we say that Corona virus had changed our lifestyles? I believe so. Now we are spending our time inside our homes, with our family members, cooking home meals, having enough time to read or practice activities we never had time for them before. People also reconnect with older friends or family members that had not talked to in long time.

However, taking a step back and looking at our life from far, I feel that as if we have been preparing ourselves, our societies and our systems for such a day. How so? Look around you. Now the teaching is on line, ordering our food is online, the government agencies are running online, all the people are sharing their stories, concerns, fears, hopes, and breakdowns with others through social media platforms. The help of AI is never been as needed as today especially to defeat the new enemy. The calls for a cleaner air have become a reality since factories shot down and most of the transportations stopped. Including the new skills that come with the new technology we need them today. These skills that I always call (you can request a free download) for that we need to survive in today’s world. Theses skills are needed, are a must for surviving. For example, People who don’t have the skills to access the computer or use it, can’t order food and usually are those people who are in danger zone for going out and buy their food. These skills are surviving tools, literary surviving tools, not a thriving matter anymore. It is not about making extra money, or be popular, but it is about surviving and eating.

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