Is Corona Virus changing The Business Game?

A closer look to the circumstances of today’s world, might reveal a predictable scenario for a near future.

With China being a main core in the world’s business body, the Corona virus outbreak would differently affect the business game all over the world. This also may create new different business models, or new opportunities.

One particular business model (Droppshipping) is affected for sure. In this business model people all over the world made good money while using their computers and their related technical skills. At the same time, another business boomed as well: teaching how to work with this model, teaching the skills that are needed, online marketing, online advertising and so forth. Such training uses different online platforms and creates another income streams for a lot of people who claimed a good fortunes. Some claimed that they became millionaires. (How true is that? Or just to sell you their courses.) It was a new world full of promises of fame and fortune.

Accordingly, the social media influencers business boomed as well. They made a good fortune just Guiding their followers into purchasing the different products (mostly offered by the Chinese markets).

Now with the Corona virus outbreak especially in China (specificly in wahn  city where are the factories and the trading companies located, including the factories of the big brands) business would be different. With putting the whole city in the quarantine, the factories are closed, the shipping are stopped, the traffic is frozen and the core of the business has been frozen at least for the droppshipping business. Noting that the Chinese factories, trade companies and shipping companies already raised their prices more than once ridiculously many times during the last years to the degree that it became hard to make any profit doing droppshipping at all.

Now what might come along the road? … No one knows for how long this situation would last but definitely for a while, months maybe, and then it needs more few months for business to recover…

So what are the alternatives? What is the new business model or trends that would replace droppshipping? at least for the time being? Unless China will come up with a plan to revive this model who made many people and companies rich.

Does that mean finding a new sources? A new outsource? A new business model? New products? New trends?

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