Is it My Luck? Or Bad Economy?

-Hey, you have a problem here and you seriously need to find a has been five months and no new contract.

-I do? Ney.. I’m OK, things will get better. It is only my bad luck, if I were as lucky as Suzy, I would get that contract, plus it is the bad economy as you know.

This what you hear more often nowadays: The luck and the bad economy. Is it really the luck? Is it the slow economy that prevents us from going forward?

Looking carefully at the previous scenario, an experience eye would sense that there is a problem rather than a matter of luck or economy, especially that others got contracts all the time.

One of the most important skills we need to arm ourselves with, nowadays, is recognizing that there is a problem, and such problem needs a solution.

There’s a problem when we don’t get the results we should have after thoughtful planning and careful implementing of the planning… We need to find how to get from A to B. What is A, and what is B. What are the gaps. How to bridge such gaps… And so forth. If you can’t recognize the existence of a problem or can’t pin point the problem, you should seek the help of professionals. At the end of the day it is your life, your dreams and your bread..

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