Hey, My Brain Deserves The Best Tailor..

I believe that our brains (like our bodies) differ from one person to another, and each brain has its own capacity, shape or even productivity. Same way how each person has a different body shape that carries different genes that affect how tall this person is, how easy to store fat, where storing the most of the fat and so forth.

So to dress that body of yours, you can go and fetch for clothes that are ready made. You can choose your size: small or medium, or some styles come in one size that fits everyone. Offcourse such clothes are more economic and are available in the market all the time. Even when the outfit won’t fit you perfectly, but you would buy it considering that the price is right, especially if it is on sale. People who have more money, they custom make their clothes,to fit them perfectly, to be more comfortable, and to gain a value by standing out, beside having the freedom to choose the style, the colors, the materials, and the adds on.. Basically to fit their exact needs.

Can we say the same thing about nutritioning the brain? Sure we can, actually we should customize its dressing even if it will be more costly (this explains why professional coach costs more than an average one). And that explains why we should aim for the custom training and custom coaching if we seek the best qualities of training or coaching, and especially in teaching. In the matter of fact, we need to use the custome trainings/teaching that fits each brain, and each different character especially if we are teaching I’ll-structure domains such as art, because such domains need self reflection, and self knowledge building where no answer is correct.

So why can’t educators, professional trainers, or coaches start to customize their own training and teaching materials? Answering this question needs another blog post.

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