Annoyed? Ney. I am Suffering…. What is Actually Needed to have a Million Dollars

Are you suffering as I am?

Yes “suffering”.. And the “suffering” is not overly used here (in my opinion) .. Well I am suffering and very much annoyed with the information noises and all these blogs, memes, articles, publications about ” # of steps to be millionaire”, “make your 1st million in three months”.. Etc. All these are a promise for a quick rich while you are vacationing on the 🏖 beach.

First of all getting rich is a continuous hard work, takes time, efforts and persistent. It requires education and a life long learning skills to keep learning and keeping up with the changes around you in order to survive. It requires Healthy lifestyle so your body would cooperate with the demanding works. It requires discipline, ethics and other skills to succeed. To be successful in business requires also to be successful in life, in your relationships, your networking skills, communication skills. You have to have a passion, a determination and the desire to keep motivated, no matter what.

These are some of the requirements to get rich (very bteifly).

On the top of that, most such publications are coming from unexperienced people or under- educated, or not even qualify to give any such advices, but it is all about fame and the promise of getting rich soon..

Can we call this: yellow publication? . Sometime it hurts more than helps. How so? When reading all those blogs, social media posts, articles about quick fix where telling you how to be a guru in only 5 steps, I would get excited, motivated, then highly motivated and I start the journey .. Then after few weeks, or months things turned out not as promised… what is happening here? … Lost time, efforts, maybe money and I am left highly discouraged, highly unmotivated and highly broken (inside and out).

There are only a very few people who are professionals, have the education, gained the expertise (does not have to have all of them, I can Learn from a professional with a graduate degree as well as from someone who’s been there and done that), but diffently I can’t benifit from someone just provides empty promises without any experience or education. That is why I always stress the importance of knowing the author, who is she? Her background, his experience, his skills and so forth.

So.. Do you feel that noise too?

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