Do You Really Care About You?

Self growth skills are among the skills that we need today to thrive. However, we got confused which way to adapt, what to do, which advices to follow and so forth till we got more anxious and more stressed.

Self growth is very much related also to self care and self love which are much needed today due to the stressful lifestyle we live.

However, as simply as I can highlight it is to notify theses areas of yourself : body, mind and spirit… We need to take care of these areas and nutrition them in order to grow and bloom. What can we do? Here are some tips for body and saul care:

1. Sleep at least deep 8 hrs.

2. Take short naps (powerful naps) 10 – 20 minutes during the day

3. Drink at least 8 – 9 glasses of water

4. Eat more fruits and vegetables

5. Cut off the 3 white poisons: suger, flower, salt

6. Move


8. Dance

9. Walk outside at least 15 minutes

10. Breathe deeply/ practice breathing exercises at least 3 times a day

11. Take a warm bath with aspin salt and lavender oil

12. Use natural products

What is your favorite self care that you like to practice always?

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