Can I Paint My Own Image online?

I talked in a previous blog how Google knows a lot about you, and that you have an online reputation you need to be careful about.

Is this online reputation really important? I have been talking to a few people who said they don’t really care, it is just a cyberspace. But online reputation is very important nowadays, noting that we live in the Information Era, and the cyber world starts to dominate our lives. And building your online reputation is a crucial for your success and even to your survive. How so? Nowadays when you are applying for a job, the first thing they check your social media platforms to know more about you and your character : your hobbies, activities, causes you support, and so forth. They want to know the things you had not mentioned in your CV, or they want to know how would you fit with the organizational culture.

Online reputation is very important today that there are professionals who create your image online, and clean up your online image. It depends on the purpose of your existence on social media platforms. Are you selling? Educating? Or just seeking fame.

However, here are some suggestions for building your online reputation :

1. search your name online and check all the results

2. Delete all unprofessional pictures of you

3. Don’t accept any tags on your social media platforms.

4. Be careful about what you post on social media. Every word might have different meanings.

5. Less is more when it comes to posting on social media. Remember it is the quality not quantity

6. Be authentic

7. Don’t steal others’ postings and sign your name on them.. The cyber world knows.

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