Hey, I am a woman and I can change my mind

Do you change your mind a lot? Do people around you complain?

When I first got married I was careful not to be a typo of a woman who changes her mind hundred times for smallest things. So I thought myself how to make a good decision from the first shot. On the other hand, my graduate studies, especially the doctorate one, provided me with all the science and art tools to make right decisions (I will share them with you in the following posts). So, accordingly I was doing very good regarding sticking to my decisions and carrying the consequences along all the way. Till I got introduced to the phrase : I am a woman and I am allowed to change my mind… Hey. That was an aha moment, an eye opener moment, a changing moment. Since we have a reputation, and it is a typo, no matter what I do I won’t be able to change that. The first impression is that I am a women, then when people start to talk to me and start to know me, they would say you are different, you don’t look like other women…

Then I thought, let me try…

Oh, man.. As if I discovered heaven… Noting that I am already know how to make a good decision from the first round fast, and stick to it… But being a woman allowed to change my mind, liberated me and set me free (for small issues), less stress, easier life and better conditions for me at least, especially when my kids saying, make up your mind when I m not sure which ice-cream flavor to choose… Hey I’m a woman and I m allowed to change my mind.

Yes it is all about such small no important discussion.. Wait a minute, isn’t it life at the end is just those small issues build up together?

Suddenly I felt power to be a woman. After all our grandmothers were smart, they knew how to live..

Always be proud of who you are, and don’t torture yourself if others labeled you.

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