Are you a leader?

There are a lot of writings and posts recently about the differences between the management and the leadership on the different social media platforms. But is there any difference? Isn’t it both about thinking, responsibility, making decisions, and communicating? Indeed.. Can a manager be a leader and vis Vera? Sure why not… Then what it is this thin line between the two?

The vision, the believe, the passion and the whole detailed picture that is rooted deeply in the leader’s soul and mind, is what make this thin line. Gandhi had a vision, a believe, a passion and a detailed picture… Each leader has his or her own vision…when companining vision with deep believe, you start to affect others. And here is the spark. People start to follow you, adapt your vision, work to create that picture you strongly believe in…especially if you are working hard to make it happen.

Meanwhile, the manager comes to an organization to adapt its vision, to work towards achieving its goals and objectives, to make sure that the whole detailed picture is achieved perfectly.

Are you a leader? Or a manager? No matter what is your position, you are a leader in a way or another. May be you are not a political leader or business leader, but diffently you have to be a leader of your own life, not only a manager to achieve other’s goals and dreams.

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