How Easy to Be An Entrepreneur?

Entrepreneurship is more complicated than recent voices try to highlight. It requires a whole sets of skills that are a must to succeed. Some of these skills are soft (very much related to the character), and others are hard skills that can be adapted and learned. But both hard and soft needed skills have to be polished and updated regularly. Such skills vary between management, leadership, public speaking, problem solving, critical thinking, adapting, communication, networking, and so many other needed skills. Other factors can be added, such as, having a vision and believe in it dearly to the point that making everyone else believe in it (isn’t it a leadership skill?). On the other hand, an entrepreneurship without a persistent character doesn’t last for long…

Entrepreneurship is a lifestyle where one needs to adapt a healthy lifestyle (because cannot afford to be sick). Creating a balanced lifestyle is a key factor in the success journey of entrepreneurship life.

But at the end of the day, self awareness and self evaluation are holding all these together. To achieve goals, one should be able to know her own abilities and skills and fix this problem first before start fixing people’s problems. Don’t you agree?

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