Can I be Famous?

This information and technology era opens a lot of doors in front of us to live better, to make more money, to spread our words and to let the world know who we are. People would remember (tens of years ago) how difficult it was to speak up, to tell own story, to say own opinion to reach a lot of people. Only those who had access to the main media channels (newspapers, TV, radio) would have the chance to be known and famous, but still not exactly speaking their minds (since those media channels were under a regime control).

Nowadays, everyone can share information, can post opinion, can report observation, share life moments, or just show the world the real face and be known. Really? can anyone be known? theoretically, yes. But practically it is more complicated doing it than saying it. How so? the tools are available, the mediums are open, the audience are still in the phase of accepting new faces and ready to make new heroes. However, to be famous takes more than just tool, access and audience. Especially today, the audience are getting smarter, and become more careful choosing their heroes. So is there a way?

Yes …to be famous needs special skills. Can I obtain these skills? Diffidently. But you have to be aware that you need such skills to succeed, and you need to be aware what kind of skills you need, and how will you obtain them. In addition, you have to have a plan. Moreover, you have to offer something valuable for your audience. And on the top, you need a positive attitude where termination crowned it. And Please do not forget to be flexible to adapt quickly to the rapid changes surround our growing societies nowadays.

Being known and famous today has its own rewards. We are in new era that requires new skills and has its own heroes and awards.
So where are you now in your journey? Did you start? are you struggling?

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