No Coffee allowed.

With the Information Overload and with the explosion of the technology, an ocean of information hits us every hour. And as I mentioned in the previous Blog the example of coffee or no coffee highlights the confusion that are created by people: some posted how coffee is great for your guts, others prohibited it.

Evaluating information skills become essential skills that UN highlighted since 2006. But a big percentage of people lacks such skills, even the new generation who born with the technology in their hands, do not master the information evaluation skills according to my findings in my doctoral research (2003).

In the coming blog posts, I will highlight some tips to evaluate the accuracy of information you are seeking. Let’s start with a very few tips on how to evaluate medical Information:

– make sure the website belongs to a hospital, a clinic, a nurse, or a medical doctor.

– make sure the article contains recent research results

– make sure the research and the results are updated and the research is replicated many times Following the ethical and accountability standards.

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