Which Information to Trust?

In today’s information world, we are overwhelmed with the amount of the information out there.Do we have overload information? Diffently.Are all information accurate? Diffently NOT.With the information exposure, we found ourselves exposed to alot of information: some are new, others are recycled. The technology is the main reason behind this exposure. However, this exposure creates a lot of issues such as: confusion which is mostly caused by those who post on #socialmedia (for the purpose of marketing). For example, there are a lot of information highlight how coffee is good for your gut, others would argue that coffee is bad for your gut. Now which team should I believe? Drink or not to drink? (sorry Shakespeare, but nowadays coffee is like being)I believe people need to be enlightened on how to evaluate the information. This skill is essential for surviving in the modern society, and it is part of the #Information literacy #skills (#ILS) which been recognized by UN in 2006.When people master the skill of evaluating information, a lot of the garbage on the social media, which we see today, will disappear; because they know that they couldn’t be able to charm people on any information they post. Only accurate and well prepared information will be considered and taken into account.

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