Dr. Roukana

Dr. Roukana Sanjakdar obtained her Ph.D. and Master degrees In Education Technology from Concordia University. The program is considered to be the best in North America to serve the needs of the new societies where it combines three major fields: Education, Business and applying Technology to these two fields. There is two main focus in this program: educational, and business environments. Dr. Roukana interested and trained in these two areas: education and business environments. Meanwhile, her dissertation focused on Information Literacy skills. That is why she needed to add extra topics to her doctoral exam: Information Science, Human Information behavior, and information seeking behavior.

Dr. Roukana Started early (since 2003) her consulting, Training and Coaching carrier when she became the founder and Vice President of (R&SA Information and Engineering Management Consultancy Inc.)

Dr. Roukana has many research interests including:

  • Information Literacy Skills (ILS)
  • Information behavior
  • Teachers training
  • Cultural differences
  • Social Media
  • E-commerce / Emarketing

Dr. Roukana is a professional, cultural difference aware, passionate about her work and helping others gain the needed skills to succeed, authentic, and straightforward.

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