Are you back?

When life takes you away from a dear friend that you have been thinking about all time, what would you do? Nothing really,  just being patient till the circumstances change and a new one would facilitate your gathering….

When I was younger, I would not believe in such a thing called “circumstances”. I always believed that we create our own circumstances, our own opportunities, our own luck, our own life.

Older I get, stubborn I become about my “creating” believes, because I can see how I turned my life around by creating opportunities, and luck. All this luck was a pure hard working and a dream I kept holding on it no matter how life would steer me away from it.

To be honest with you, I never thought of dropping my dreams away, no matter how impossible it seemed… I worked harder with more determination, although everything around me asks me to leave.

And I did it. And I am on my way to achieve all my other dreams …

But nowadays I have learnt something new.. Beside that belief of creating my own circumstances, I believe something is needed: a push,  a sign, someone, a  “something” (whatever you call it) that would help me creating this circumstance, just to be easier and smoother . .

The following blogs will unveil more and more about it… Because I am back, back to my old dear friends..

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