prediction, prediction..for information literacy skills

information literacy skills is….
well, i think i know what it is: recognize the need for information, seek the needed information, access and evaluate these info, then retrieve it and communicate it ethically. isn’t that what ALA’s president said about IL skills? and what every researcher and author would adapt?

but for me, IL skills start to have another shape, another dimension, another form, another…it becomes a life itself…no, i am not crazy yet (though, people whisper that Phds are kind of weird people).

seriously, IL starts to jump into my mind very very very often during my days…how is that? well, nowadays everything around us is about IL skills. i mean look at life around you, look at the skills you need…dont u think that it is IL skills that u need more than ever? IL skills are about the skills one has to deal with info, to work with info, use, play with info, to create something is needed…
kids, lawyers, doctors, profs, students, seniors, WOMEN, drivers, ordinary people, educated people, business people, employees, u name it, all of them need these skills…some people recognize the need for these skills, others do not..

i believe, ILS becomes a life style, (although, it is early to see it that way). but if i want to predict the future, i would say that ILS are the focus of the life. every one would rush to gain these skills…every organization would pay for training for these skills…nowadays we need to do a lot of effort to make people recognize the importance of these skills, and people do not really give us a complete satisfying look…probably, they say to themselves: so what?

but, we need to be ready, we need more research, we need theories, frameworks, case studies…all belong to information literacy skills, not borrowed from other disciplines (as it is the case now)..
more publication, and more workshops, but enough with these publications that are dealing with how to teach ILS…please enough. focus to have one complete definition, case studies…go deeper, and deeper, work harder and take it seriously because these skills determine the future.

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