a new social media / pinterest

I am just introduced to the new member in the social media family…before was: facebook, twitter, google+, etc. and now pinterest.

in the matter of fact, i start to feel board with some social media, i even wanted to leave some. i felt i needed something else, i needed to express myself in a new way, in a way that i feel more comfortable using it. i need PICTURES. since i am visual person, i like to see pictures, colors, figures, graphs…not only words. i was excited when twitter added photo sharing..then google+ was great with both pictures and words, but still something is missing…till i found it..
pinterest takes you to a different world. you post the pictures you love. when i start looking at it, it took me to another world filled with very nice things, away from the war and the blood scenes that i see every hour on the news.
however, the big question is: how can we use this new interesting tool in teaching? it is true that pictures worth 1000 words, but also we need instructions with these words..it is very interesting to watch how this new tool will grow within education field. did i mention that pinterest already included education as a main interest in its classified fields?
i already have a few ideas how i will use this tool (please allow me to call it a tool) to enhance learning (since this is my goal), but regardless, a few research, a theory, a framework is needed though…
how would you use this tool in teaching (if you ever decide to use it)?

would you like to share it here? that would be great…

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