So.. you have some to say?

All of us would (should) have something to share with others. Phd students, particularly, should have a lot of issues to share and discuss with other fellows…

However, more i read, more i recognize that i still do not know that much, and more i feel: well, may be it is not the time yet to share my ideas, thoughts, or research projects with others. But how true is that?

Some issues appear to me as obvious, clear, and that everyone should know it, that is why it is not a big deal to talk about it..I am still waiting to share more important unique issues with the others…But how true is that?

Yes, I am Phd candidate…and i still feel: so what? Am I at the point that i can share my UNIQUE ideas with others, so they can benefit? I think: well…may be not yet…But how true is that?

I got to the point that when I am talking about these “obvious” ideas with others, they simply stare at me…do not really discuss…or just node…uha, i say to myself: why is that? MAY BE, I have some ideas that are not obvious, may be, i know a little bit more than others, and may be I should share my ideas so they can benefit…How true is that?

Such thinking hold me back from writing more papers either for conferences or journals, till i start reading some papers and recognized that: I can do  better than these….

Is it a self-confident issue? absolutely not…it is the characteristics of the person who reads more, and knows more…i find that: more i read, more i do not know, more i need to read….

So please share your ideas…yes you have some to share…

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