can you really publish everything on line?

is it true that nowadays with the information and technology explosion, one can say anything he or she wants using the internet?

well…it is true that the internet opens wide doors for people to share their ideas, research, points of view, believes, visions and their knowledge and experience. but still there are a lot of consideration to take when posting materials on line. at the end of the day, these materials present yourself and who you are. these materials create your reputation and your mind and soul. in the matter of fact, i believe that one should be aware more than ever while publishing materials on line, because all is kept and could be retrieved by anyone in anytime. scary? could be. we all read about how facebook keeps our information including embaresing pictures even after we close the account.
nowadays, I am not only presented on the internet as a researchers but also as a human being, who has a real life and real friends with real mistakes, and real pictures and videos.

ofcoure we all have read about the managers who might evaluate employees according to their facebook pictures and friends. now where is the privecy?

but going back to the beginning, can we really publish anything we want on the net? what do you think? would you care? would you like to have choices of changing some of your publications or materials? or you are just happy? or may be you think that no one really cares out there to read your words?
but for fact, this is a new era with new technology and new needed skills, so we need a new approach and a new comprehension of the world around us…

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