is there a link between PhD and Moby Dick?

since PhD students are real people and live in a real world, and have a real life duties, a good question would be raised: how to live the two lives? PhD students are expected to work 24 hours, between writing journal papers, conference workshops and papers, deadlines projects, seminar contributions, dissertation research project, on-working literature review, blogging, emails, discussion forums, social networking, and if we do not want to mention teaching duties or any other working related duties…..


a PhD student is a real human being, need healthy habits such as good real food, excercise, some entertainment, jobs, socializing, and if not talking about those are responsible for family with children and babies….

depressing enough?

however, the key to manage these lives is organizing, sharing, asking for support, and have lower expectations.

for example, the house does not have to be super clean, lundary can wait for another day. kids can eat pizza once a week, and it is ok to say that u have a busy week, and u need some sleep. it is ok to share ur tricks with ur colleagues. no one is a super hero.

some say that having a Phd is not about being super smart, but being able to manage, organize, and know how to do it profesionaly. does it mean: to survive? does it mean that u should be Ishmael in Moby Dick to be a “Dr”?

the most important thing is to know how to live this extraordinary experience while having fun, growing and live….

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