info overload? Nay..apps overload

the new technology brings the societies into a new era of information over-fload. the information come from everywhere, every second and in many many different shapes. these information are coming from TV, radio, newspapers, websites, social software, and others that are delivered to ur hand (or doorsteps), or some u can search for. Pictures, charts, words, short essay even 1 sentence that can convey to u the information. the researchers are aware of this new dilema and start publish their research in a try to understand this phenomenom and try to find solutions to make our life easier.
however, the other problem i start to face nowadays, (and i am not sure how many out there share my pain), is the apps overload. everyday, there is a new app in the store, or free on line to help coop with the technology and information or just to enjoy the “new” life style.

as a researcher, an educator, or graduate student, one could appreciate these apps. for example, there are apps for sharing files, storing all the files in one place, accessing these files everywhere you go, storing references, and so forth. these apps could be a life saver, no doubt about it. but if you want to be on the top of the game, here comes the mass. for example, there are many many many apps for just storing and sharing files. i am sure each phd student has a few of them on their pc. and others, like me, have few apps for the same purpose. why is that? i want to experience them, and i just found that each one has something to offer. and if i decide to adapt one, i found that i can not use it on my other device…uggggggg. frusterating? yes, time consuming? big time. at least i do not pay (yet) for these apps…

any apps u use u like to share? plz let me read about it. may be i will add some more to my pc..LOL…

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