e-learning/rosenberg – continue

building a KM solution:

  1. determine if theeffort makes sense
  2. understand the community you are addressing
  3. know what you know
  4. master the content
  5. employ the technology of the enterprise
  6. develop a knowledge structure and test it
  7. prototype
  8. if you include performance support. it should make work easier, not harder
  9. plan for the running of the KM system, not just the building
  10. work to generate the support you’ss need going forward
  11. one portal
  12. don;t stop at document distribution
  13. understand the value of time
  14. establish key KM role: information architect, editorial and publishing, online KM librarian, knowledge owner, content contributor/author, community facilitator
  15. build in collaboration
  16. balance codification (explicit knowledge) and collaboration (tacit knowledge)
  17. incent and reward participation
  18. do not be afraid to “hang” on line training from your KM system.

Integrating e-learning and classroom learning:

  1. conduct a thorough needs assessment
  2. base your architecture design on the competencies you wish to build
  3. keep the business need in min
  4. test your architecture assumptions with all stakeholders
  5. start by associating classroom learning with application and teamwork, and e-learning with content and tools
  6. use existing source materials, if available
  7. use the web to link all learning component
  8. help people learn how to learn
  9. think “precision learning”
  10. create and maintain a community on the web
  11. use the classroom as an extension of your online learning community
  12. engage learners every step of the way

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