e-learning /rosenberg – continue

building adn managing an E-learning infrastructure:

  • u need access
  • learning portals: provides gateways to learning resources.
  • LMS ; learning management systems: provides the functionality. it is essential for creating an environment where employees can plan, access, launch, and manage e-learning on their own. what can LMS do:
  1. a common online course catalog
  2. a common online registration system
  3. an up-front competency
  4. the ability to launch and track e-learning
  5. learning assessments
  6. management of learning materials
  7. integrating KM resources
  8. organizational readiness information
  9. customized reporting
  10. supporting collaborating and knowledge communities
  11. systems integration

however the system should have:

  1. authoring tool neutral
  2. vendor neutral
  3. browser neutral
  4. platform neutral
  5. client-side software
  6. plung-ins
  7. scalability
  8. firewall
  9. interface
  10. registration
  11. tracking
  12. personalization
  13. testing
  14. speed
  15. communications
  16. security
  17. upgrades
  18. technology
  19. vendor
  20. implemenetations
  21. support
  22. curriculum planning
  23. cost

Learning / knowledge objects:
it is the smallest “chunck” of information that stand alone and still have a meaning to a learner. such as a video. the costs are lower, it enables real customization of learning, it enables e-learning solutions to be very quickly.
the four C’s of success: culture, champions, communication and change:
building a learning culture:

  • what do not work:give customers what they want / create and distribute a robust course catalog / thinkl of training as another product and sell it / make training free / build competency models…but do not actually use them / call yourself a “corporate university” / move everything to technology / mandate training
  • what works: make the coach or the direct manager accountable for learning / focus at the enterprise level / integrate laerning directly into work / design well and certify where appropriate / pay for knowledge / everone’s a teacher / get rid of the training noise / eliuminate teh abil;ity to pay as a gatekeeper / make sense as easy as possible
  • u need the senior managers to support it. the following are signs that senior are NOT serious: work is assigned to people already overloaded or who do not have a clue / support or directives are given without any money / during budget cutting activities, the e-learning budget is always cut first / they refuse to learn anything about e-learning / leaves it to the team to make all the decisions / refuses to tell his boss anything about it / does not assign any deliverables or accountability / believes that going to training is either a perk or a sign of a performnce problem / approves other learning strategies that undermine e-learning / suggests that employee use of the web at work is disruptive.
  • how to to engage executives: build a sound business case / use success stories / educate executives / coach executives / overcome prior perceptions / work the politics / ignore the disbelievers

leadership and communication:
how to set up good communications:

  1. consolidate your strategy development
  2. trash old training communication vehicles
  3. use the web to communicate
  4. avoid selling and focus on value
  5. communicae value from the top down
  6. build support with coaches first
  7. build and promote an initial win
  8. control external messages
  9. encourage web savvy

in general you need to:

  1. do not put change management off until deployment
  2. one size does not fit all
  3. focus on change from start to finish and beyond
  4. be open and do not oversell

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