An academic journal? are you serious?

methodology chapter is an important chapter in any dissertation (actually all the chapters are important..:)). reading this chapter should allow the individual to understand what you really did in your research, how did you do it, and why you did what you did. in other words, the author needs to explain all the steps he or she went through from the beginning till the end. well, do you need to register all the details? i would say yes, that is why it would be a great help to start writing your academic journal the first minute you decide you want to do a PhD. writing a journal would help you later in writing your research proposal while explaining how to get to choose your research topics and the steps you went through collecting the literature review. it will also help you later in writing your dissertation especially the methodology chapter…i value this idea a lot NOW, after i am rewriting the methodology chapter for the sixth time. i highly recommend starting this academic journal even if you are in the middle of your research, every additional registered information would be a great help for you later and save you time and effort later on.

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