Academic writing? really?

if you are writing an academic paper for a journal or for a conference, or even for a class assignment, you need to include all the needed information that allow the readers (that might be strangers to your field and topic) to see the big pictures with details. 
I conclude the above golden rule for my academic writing, especially when writing my PhD dissertation. As much as the previous rule is easy as much as there are a lot of issues to take care of while writing. And writing the methodology chapter is not an exception. I always remind myself that I should be writing to readers that know nothing about my topic, or the way I am thinking. Those readers cant assume or guess how i get to the results. I should explain all in details and I believe this what makes the main difference between academic writing and literature writing. 
long time ago, when i start my writing hoppy (diffidently not academic and diffidently not in english) I am told this sentence: “writing is a secret and special connection (or relationship) between the writer and the reader”…really? well, kind of …yea, off course it is. i don’t believe in un-academic writings, writer needs to explain everything, otherwise it would turn to be so boaring. it would be nice to the reader to use imagination while swimming between the words and sentences. and may be this is the reason why i am so careful to watch a movie that is based on a wonderful book i have read and enjoyed a lot. I am afraid that my imagination would not meet the director’s…at the end of the road, the movie is the director’s imagination, right? did you see the girl with perl earnings? i jsut finished the book which i enjoyed a lot, when the movie came out. i was so uncomfortable setting in the movie theatre watching it, cause i do not want to ruin the pictures i draw for the girl, for her boss, for the house she lived in…i was afraid that they would take away some of the scenes i liked…at the same time, i was curious to see what other people see in the book. their own view, their own translation…off course my friends who had not read the book enjoyed the movie so much. but at the end of the day it was a good movie. was i disappointed? not really…but i still rememember the end was different. 

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