IL in today’s democratic society

UN mentioned in its report in 2006 that Information Literacy skills are the new rights for all the citizen to be active and partners in building their democratic countries. IL skills are these skills that are needed to recognize the need for information, choose the right sources and access them, evaluate the founded information and create a new knowledge and share it with the others. off course that includes the skills to store and retrieve information, acquire computer, visual, and technology skills in addition to problems solving, decision making and critical thinking skills.
some would say, oh ya, these skills are needed but not every single person should have them or need them. i say: in today’s societies, these skills are needed more than ever. every single person should have at least some degree of these skill to be able to understand what is going on around..
what is happening now in Syria is a great example of how people need to be information illiterate. this is the future of a country, a future of people and a future of a civilization that has been once shining all over the world. this future could be demolish just because of the bad judgements of its people. how is that?
people in syria, in particular, and in the arab world in general are not used yet to access different resources looking for information. well, some of them would go beyond their local TV stations to listen to BBC, or Monte Carlo, but no more than that. today, in the light of the technology explosion and information explosion, people are still unaware of the other possible information resources such as website, twitter, Facebook, and so forth, and all could present different points of view. and here i am talking about the normal average person that could not ride the wave of technology for different reasons such as economic and cultural ones. such an illiterate keeps the people within the circle of the regime’s world of news. the regime still wash the citizen’s brains and dominates such people who believe that they have a great regime that protects them and care of their lives and interests…….continue

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