Honey, Culp & Carrigg (2001)

Perspectives on technology and education research: Lessons from the past and present

the authors notice that there are change in:

  1. the nature of the technological elements that involve in the research: it used to search to see the demonstration of the technology (mostly text ) on students. nowadays, technology changed that lead to the 2nd change.
  2. the kind of research questions: we used to ask whether tech enhance students’ performance, but they did not help in understanding how? we need more complicated questions that include other elements such as: decision makers, schools, culture. so technology to be affective, it has to include the changes in the educational system.
  3. how research is being done and the methodology: to answer the new research questions required to include other elements: teachers,social services. plus to understand how tech affects the learning.

example: the Union City story. the recommendation from the district did not work, what work is a solution that looked at the specific circumstance of the school and the relationships between the teachers, school head and community.

what is learned from this project:

  1. it is largly process -oriented (how, not justs what are the outcomes)
  2. it is about change
  3. teachers and researchers play an ative role
  4. it is multidisciplinary: culture of the school, cognitive psuchology, sociology.

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