Clark (1989), current progress and future directions for research in instructional technology

  • the author believes that there are quantity but not quality research recently noticing mostly because of poorly conceptualized questions.
  • he also believes that researchers should pay more attention to the literature review and making sure that they cover the all related roots of the problem they are investegating. meaning that they should include psychology, political science for example, in their literature review including WHY we are doing this not only WHAT.
  • researchers also should focus on posing a good research question
  • then for the hypothesis
  • include statistic methodology in their reserach

instructional design research:

  • a very few reserachs compares between ID models or theories
  • there are 2 kinds of theories: Procedural (how) and declaratice (why) knowledge. so tasks could be taught either way.
  • Clark suggests strongly to adapt a prescriptive approach (especially for IT research).

IT research:

  • reserachers hsould deffierntiate between: Instructional design reserach (to generalize about training principles) and instructional development research(implementation issues).

the characteristics of prespective research:

  • it describes how things work
  • it is a science that links basic research and the solution to practical problems.
  • it is critisized that it will be limited in generalization.

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