Title: E-learning
Author: Rosenberg, 2001

this book address the e-learning issues from an industry ankle. the author uses a lot of useful example from real life with real people.


  • in business: “it is a means to an end” for better: cost, productivity, income and so on.
  • in context of business: “it is the process by which people acquire new skills or knowledge for the purpose of enhancing their performance”. and again for less cost and better revenue.

Training: “to facilitating and improving performance”. but training is used when there is a need to shape the learning, to achieve a certain goal then the instruction is used. it can be used in different ways: in classroom, via the phone, or PC including lectures, case study, drill and practice, simulation, laboratories and small group work. training has the following 4 elements:

  1. an intent to enhance performance in a a certain way.
  2. a design that reflects that instructional strategy.
  3. the media.
  4. a more formalized easement

but when we have a situation of learning we need to be careful if it requires information or instruction. Instruction means training and information means knowledge management:


  • focus on specific learning outcome.
  • purpose defined by instructors
  • based on users’ needs and characters
  • sequenced for memory retention
  • contains presentation, feedback, practice, etc


  • focus on specific organization or content
  • purpose defined by users
  • based on the characteristics of targeted users and particular knowledge
  • sequenced for reference
  • centered on effective presentation

Learners need:

  1. access
  2. comprehensive approach
  3. balance

business needs:

  1. information: to be up-to-day
  2. open culture: that employees share their knowledge
  3. effective technology: not too cost and does the work.

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