Ultimate Life’s Goal?

Acquiring and updating our skills should be our ultimate goal in life. For these skills we have the honor to not only survive in this world but also to thrive and create the life style that suits us.

However, the range of the skills we have or we need to acquire depends merely on the level and quality of life we are seeking.. Better life quality requires more skills and more updated skills…

On the other hand, keeping the same skills and the same level of the skills means the start of the end. Simply because everything around us moves and we would be still, and the world is created on the base of a continuous movement so when we get to the stage of stillness (regarding skills), that means we don’t want to adjust with the surrounding, we don’t want to match the pace of the world around us. That means we agree to be left behind while all the world is moving, till we fall off the wagon.

There are essential skills and advanced ones depends on the type of life you are seeking…
Are you aware of such skills?
In the following blogs I will talk more about such skills. Meanwhile if you have any questions please feel free to contact: roukana@gmail.com

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