Do you Have a Key For The Fortune Door?

The Technology era that we witness nowadays opens not only windows of hopes, but it opens doors and many of them to either express ourselves or to grow our bank account. Really? Yes really.. To grow our bank account. But wait a minute, I’m not trying here to sell you a sweet easy to get rich while you are lying on the beach and drinking margarita by selling you apples and oranges. I’m talking about the real thing, the real fortune you can make nowadays, the real deal and the real new life. Technology provides us with opportunities, with mediums, with tools to work smarter, and may be harder but differently allows us to reach more people, connect with customers, read their hopes and fears, acknowledge their demands.

Technology opens many closed doors. However, the keys to such doors are different than the ones you had. You need to acquire news keys. Your old keys are rusted, and some new doors come with new keys you need to acquire. These keys open the door to grow your business and to fatten your bank account. These keys are the new Information Literacy Skills that you need to crack the codes to open the new doors to your fortune.

However, the new doors do not only require new keys to open, the new era needs a master key to be used with the other keys. This master key is to think not only outside the box, but to think as if there is no box at all. To approach things differently, to be invative, to be original to be authentic and to be a human.

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