uha..social media and sharing…BELIEVE

believe it or not…i have so much on my mind and i cant settle for one topic to share with you today…however, such a thought brings me to the idea of writing for the sake of writing. let the words drive me through the line, and get my self out…but wait a minute, cant do this because i guess readers assume this is an academic blog and expect to read academic serious materials. but doesn’t social media’s main purpose is to close the gap between authors and readers? between people in general so can share their ideas? share dreams? and many share their lives actually..which brings us to a very important question: what is your position regarding the different social media tools? do you believe in privacy? or would like to share all your life with friends, maybe friends of friends, or may be the whole world? i still remember a friend’s comment about twitter (when it starts). i was explaining to my friend (mother of two teenagers) the new +twitter when she said: and why should i share with the world that i poked my nose…i was shocked, who talked about poking nose, you do not have anything else to share? sure you do. every person has a treasure to share with others, so others can benefit from the unique experience. my friend as a devoted mother, wife, daughter, sister, and a wonderful person, has many many great things to share with others, and inspire others them….she just needs to BELIEVE in herself.

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