a professional PhD student

Being a phd students means you are on duty almost 24 hrs. you are disappearing between writing papers for journals and conferences, following up with your research, finishing off your courses, exploring new topics in your research area, readings, writings, more readings and more writings. but what about the other  related issues that you should be aware of. for example, you need to be aware of the current affairs that is running around you, you need to be active at least in one or two of social media such as FB, twitter, blogs…and offcourse you cant live without your emails. you also need to be a member in at least two of the academic societies that represent your academic interests. and offcourse, you cant ignore: publication..publication is a very important support to your phd life. you learn a lot from the procedure, get feedback about your research and the path you like to walk through, you meet other professional people, explore other academic topics…and you networking. never mind the expenses of travelling into conferences. nowadays a lot of conferences have the facilities to present your work via the net.

the most important thing is that PhD is not about only readings and writings..it is about producing knowledge and sharing this knowledge with others. it is about providing solutions to main problems that humanity faces…how you will be able to solve these problems if you are connect to the real world, and real people….

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