long time ago…there was a radio then a TV

My parents grew up with the radio, then they upgrade their entertainment tools into TV, (black and white). Then they have to have the coloured one. But my father, God bliss his soul, refused to get us the video machine saying that movies are not for kids. We used to have only one TV channel that is run by the government. it started around 4:00 HRS in the afternoon, with one whole hour of cartoons, then the program follows…at 8:30 HRS the news, then the daily soup opera show…you like it or not, no choice really, and then by midnight the TVis closed. Nice..eh?
Back then, you know as a child that you have this only one hour per day to watch TV, no video game, no internet, no video, no music..well, you have the radio, but not for the kids. then if you are luck, your parents will allow you to watch the soup opera show…wow..
This is the technology story back then…no wonder nowadays we feel overwhelmed with the information, movies, songs, shows, games…
That is why nowadays we need different skills that allow us to deal with these new technology and tools, to get the maximum benefits and enjoyments out of them. Sometimes I feel we are in a race to follow up with the social media, movies, songs…and we leave no time for deep enjoyment and real living. I hate to feel that i am a machine runs on social media, or technology. Iam a human being and I want to choose my social media, and my information tool and my enterainemnt life…so I limited my self into Twitter, Blogging (only 2 sites), emails (only 3), goggle +, pinterest, facebook, texting, skype, and few websites to check daily…oh well, that is what i remember now…LOOOOOOL
so…how many social media you are with? it would be great if you can share with us your story.

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