an important step in designing research instrument

one of the most important step while working on your research instrument is: evaluation…

after designing your research carefully in the best way to answer the research question, you need to work on the research instruments that are the tools that will get you the needed data. you have to choose your tools very carefully, and you need to ask the right questions that will lead you to answers that help you filling the gap in the literature review, right?

let’s assume that you decide on the interview, or questionnaires…after working on the questions (according to models), you cant just go out and start collecting your data just like that (off course after getting your SPF approved).

you need to TEST these tools..testing the tools as important as it is, it could be a very interesting step also. when i start testing the interview questionnaires, i found a lot of gaps that needed to fill. such gaps could be:

  • incomplete questions
  • unclear question
  • unnessary question
  • missing important question
  • some questions might completely give you different direction while audience answer them, so you need to rephrase.
  • and more…
at the end, you might find yourself you are redoing the whole questions…do not disscouraged. this is better than going out collecting data and find out that your data worths nothing. 
this important step saves you time and effort, and gives more credibility to your research. 

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