steps towards the PhD dissertation

after choosing the “right” research topic for you, the topic that you love and you will spend most of your coming days with; it is the time for literature review. but i can not consider the literature review as a separate part from finding your research. because you need to do a lot of readings, digging, and searching in order to find the gap in the literature and research to fill….that what we do, as PhDs: we fill research gaps. managing your literature review in a different story. it needs more posts, but today i am just trying to draw the big picture….i hope it will be a beautiful picture..well, it depends. anyway, after managing, controlling, and packaging your literature review, it is time for WRITING…do not be scared…you can do it. to be honest with you, i thought I am the only one who does not favour the writing steps. actually to be accurate, it is the rewriting, re-editting, rewriting, for 1000 times that makes it difficult. i can not test the text after awhile. but, guess what, i found that all PhD students share my disliking…however, it is good to mention that this step is about writing “the proposal”..yea, i know.. you still faaaaaaar from writing the dissertation. also writing the proposal need a lot of posts, i will cover it at some points if my readers are interested (do not be shy, you can e-mail me). now after few months of struggling with your text, you send it to your supervisor, then to your committee members, and off course, they will have tons of notes for you to take care of…but did i mention that it is highly recommended to meet with your supervisor regularly during this step? it will save you time and effort. now if your committee approve your proposal, they will send it to the whole faculty members in your department..yea i know, i know…all of them they must have something to say…and in the presentation, you will have a lot of feedback… happy? as i said before, PhD degree is like surviving in Moby Dick…well…do not be scared. it is fun… note: it would be great if any Phd reader would add his or her experience to the steps i just mentioned…

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