where i am now

hello hello
I have promised in this blog to write about my journey as a PhD student..but i did not know then that my heavy schedule might slow me (a lot) from working on this….but I have decided to put the enough time on these pages, hoping to help others…by the way, please ask me any related questions, and i will try to answer them as soon as i could..

just a few update: finally I became a PhD candidate. what a release to pass the comprehensive exam. ( i will write about it later in details with advices that will be great help)…

now i am re-re-re-re-re-writing the proposal for my dissertation … fun, really fun. but after few re-re-re-re-writing, i can not distinguish anything right in the pages…

and definitely, i will update you on this….but seriously, i love this great experience, and i am very grateful for the opportunity…call me crazy, but it is fun (except the re-re-re-re-writing thing)… 

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