educational engineering

the book i am reading is: Educational Technology: the development of a concept. the first chapter presents the history of the educational technology’s name and how it has been influenced by three main issues: engineering, science and Audiovisual education. the argument in this chapter shows that the field should be named: educational engineering for the nature of the field of:
1. being systematic
2. applications of science
3. emphasized the efficient utilization of resources
4. the goal is the production of wealth.
the nature of the educational field meets the engineering’s one. so both share the same concepts.

on the other hand, the educational field uses science in different ways:
1. study children in educational settings,
2. Dewey’s idealization of scientific inquiry as a general model of reflective thinking.
3. since is used measurement and standards to control predictable outcomes.

then was the influence of the Audiovisual educational movement that introduced the hardware and the equipment AV after the WWII into the classrooms.

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