Key Words 4 Effective E-mail.

How many times do you send emails daily? How many times do you receive marketing emails weekly? And how fast do you delete such emails without considering the content?

Here are some keys so your words would be effective and your emails will be read.

I “think” I can guide you to the right direction. I “believe” my ways are the best. However, I “need” only “5 minutes” to show you how to grab the technique.

Seriously? Did you trust that I do have a great product for you? Even if it looks that I do lack the confidence (using the words “think”)?, or the solid base of my message (using the word “believe”)? Didn’t you feel that I am weak and depend on you since I used the word “need”? And what about this “5 minutes”? Right away you know that I am going to sell you something that you might not want. Instead of explaining how to benefit from the product. Explain How such product will change life for better. How to need the product to be happier, & solve all problems.

Show me numbers, evidences, show me how you do believe in your product and how it will solve my problems. Show me confidence without being urgent. Show me that you do care about me.

Now.. How would you rephrase the above message?

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My phone Died, I hope yours too.

My mobile phone suddenly died 16 hours ago. Last I checked it, (I usually check it every 3 minutes), it was charged up to 86%. When it stopped working, I tried to calm myself down, trying to convince myself that it was going to start up again.

But it never started up again.

I waited ages (about ten minutes) until I embarked on a journey to fix it myself. I looked everywhere for solutions. I tried websites, blogs, videos; I tried them all.

But still, it wouldn’t start up.

All my businesses, connections, appointments, addresses, pictures are kept behind this black dead screen; my life is hanging there. After a while, I felt empty. No messages coming in, no notifications, no calls, no access to Social Media; just a silent black screen. Now what?

Still, no phone.

This morning, I woke up fresh and smiling (still, without a phone). I finally was able to find the answers to all the questions I have been asking myself for a long time. I woke up with a clear head, with many plans, with new projects, and with a focused mind. I even read a book last night. Today I woke up knowing who I am. For the first time in as long as I can remember, I wasn’t confused, I wasn’t lost, I wasn’t depressed. Today, I felt strongly connected with my inner self, even though I already meditate daily. Today, I woke up and I recognized myself; I felt proud of myself and my achievements. I woke up with a huge urge to help people thrive. My phone had taken up a part of my life, and only when it was gone, was able to retrieve it.

Do I wish you had a dead phone? Oh yes, definitely, but perhaps not longer than twenty-four hours…

The Money Fever

Nowadays the survival skills differ from yesterday. Among today’s needed skills is networking skills. So in the spirit of networking, I decided to use the help of the social media different platforms. I started with Facebook (I put it on hold for the last seven years), and started looking to join groups for women entrepreneurs, or for coaching. I wanted to help other women, and add my two cents, as much as my time allows. Also, I thought I can have a discussion with like minded women about vital business issues. But what I found shocked me. These ladies (or gents) who name themselves “entrepreneurs” know nothing about business , marketing, planning, or niche. In addition, they do not have ideas to transfer to business. They don’t know what to work with. All they ask is: any ideas to make money online? Any ideas to start a business? If you don’t have the idea, if you don’t have a solution for a problem, if you don’t don’t know any gaps to bridge, then why you call yourself : an entrepreneur?

What I found is that people want to make quick money without even getting thier brain to work.

All this could be fine. But the big problem is that they either believe they know and don’t want to invest in themselves and get educated, or they just jump into the arms of any online business courses (expensive though), without even checking the educational or business background, then they claim: education is nonsense.

Is it the money fever? Or is it the social media effects? What do you think?

Is social media real?

Can social Media be a Lifestyle?
Does it imitate life? Or is it a life byitself?
Being on different social medias, tweeter,fb,linkadge make me feel that I am conneting with real people, iam dealing with real issuea. I can see the real faces, read real feelings,sometimes listen to real voices….so it is real.
But as soon as I close my laptop, I go bak to real life…ohhh, did I say:real life? Then what was these media?

Well, what I can say that we create another life for us through the social media.can I say, it is a life within life? Well that what I feel….
And…I love both lifes, and learn from both equaly…

Now bach to real life…I mean to my other life…lol

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